Seaham's Parks

Seaham is proud of its outdoor leisure facilities which are enjoyed by residents and visitors. All four of the town’s parks are owned and directed by the Town Council. These are: 

Seaham Town Park 


Former miners' welfare grounds laid out during 1910/1920’s period. They provide excellent facilities for cricket, outdoor bowls and football. The park hosts the Seaham Red Star Football Club, Seaham Park Cricket Club and Seaham Town Bowls Club. The Town Council has opened a BMX/Skateboard facility within the park and has provided a children's play area.
Just within the gates to the park sits Seaham Town Hall which opened in 2015. On 2nd April, 2015 the Town Hall café opened for business which services visitors to Seaham Town Park.


Dawdon Park


Hosts the Dawdon  Cricket Club, Dawdon Bowls Club, Dawdon Whippet Club and Dawdon Football Users Group comprising five separate clubs.  This park is situated in the south of Seaham.  These former  welfare grounds were laid out the 1920’s and provide high class facilities for cricket, outdoor bowls, football and whippet racing.  The outdoor Dawdon Community Fun Day arranged by Dawdon Youth and Community Centre takes place annually in July.  The Friends of Hazel Dene work actively in partnership with the Council in the care and maintenance of the park and the adjoining community woodlands.


Both of these parks are a legacy donated to the town by former mineworkers who originally paid for the establishment of the parks through levies from their pay whilst working in the pits.

Deneside Park


Impresses visitors with the beauty of its setting, its lawns, paths, little stone bridges across the burn and flowering shrubs and trees. The park also has an excellent new children’s play area.


Parkside Neighbourhood Park


Facilities include a football pitch, fitness trail, trees, shrubs and a children's play area. The town has numerous open spaces, community woodlands, children’s play areas and established walks as well as a leisure centre complex and its own 18 hole golf course. Seaham prides itself on the high class, colourful floral displays and hanging baskets sited throughout the town.

For further information or enquiries about Parks and Recreational Services, e-mail