Princess Road Cemetery Tree Work

Scheduled tree works are to be carried out at Princess Road Cemetery. On Sunday 10th & Monday 11th July, 2022. 4 Ash Trees right on the front boundary with Princess Road have been inspected by an independent expert who has confirmed that they  are showing advanced signs of Ash Decline (suspected Ash Dieback), with low vigour, sparse bud density and deadwood throughout the canopies. There is also evidence of limb failure attributable to the fungal disease Ash Heart Rot (Inonotus hispidus),  – ASH HEART ROT/SHAGGY BRACKET – INONOTUS HISPIDUS. And it was recommended that these trees are removed and replaced with one further Ash tree in this area having work done in the form of a crown reduction where the branch structure is reduced in size.

A Whitebeam Tree, further into the cemetery has suffered large limb loss and decay is evident at the point of failure. Due to the resulting unbalanced, leaning canopy, it was recommended by an independent expert that this tree is removed and replaced.

The Council will replace the felled trees and plant appropriate new trees in the wintertime. If you need any further information please contact