Fundraise and Recycle Bin

Fundraise and Recycle Limited is a north east based company who specialise in the recycling of unwanted and unloved clothing for collection and redistribution.

Fundraise and Recycle Limited strongly believe that now more than ever before that the community are interested in recycling, and in the effect wastage has on the planet, therefore have decided to launch a “Community Connect Project”.

The project seeks to engage the community in recycling unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles whilst at the same time raising funds.

All of the good quality clothing which is received is re-sold, re-used or recycled, helping to lessen the impact of waste on the environment.

The Town Council trust that Seaham residents will agree that this is an extremely worthwhile project in encouraging the community to care for their environment.

The Town Council have taken delivery of a fundraise and recycle bin. Members of the public can bring any old clothes, shoes and textiles they no longer want or need and place them in the recycle bin which is located outside of the Town Hall Café at Seaham Town Park.

Any funds raised from the recycle bin will be donated to the Mayor’s chosen charities which will be distributed to local community and voluntary groups in May 2022.