Collaborated Covid Response and Agency Contacts

Seaham Town Council has agreed that we will endeavour to provide a cohesive approach and assistance in signposting for the delivery of food and assistance to those residents who may find themselves in difficulties during these unprecedented times with Covid 19.

We have plans to liaise with service providers in a collaborated response for the elderly and vulnerable residents of Seaham during what looks like going to be an even more difficult time with the pandemic due to the winter months looming.

We aim to be a point of contact for front line agencies who are on the ground seeing vulnerable people within their work. We can then process this referral in a timely and effective manner to two very active food banks we have in Seaham along with the local business Flanders as part of their ‘Operation Flanders’ support. This we feel will not only streamline the response but will also alleviate a lot of pressure off the food banks themselves, who can then concentrate on the delivery of food parcels rather than the administration processes.

Seaham Town Council Foodbank Assistance

At the meeting of Seaham Town Council held on 27th October it was agreed that £2,000 is to be awarded to each of the foodbanks to assist in acquiring food supplies or any necessary PPE equipment required for their operation.

During both the first and second wave of the crisis, our Deputy Town Clerk, Paul Fletcher and Councillor Rachael McBlane have volunteered at the Youth Centre to help deliver food parcels and hot meals across Seaham.

“Two things really gave me and the Volunteers a reality check and brought my whole life to a ‘Base Line’ in 2020. The first was finding elderly residents so happy but so desperate to receive the smallest gift and the people of Seaham’s kindness, which was truly inspirational.” – Andrew Harrison, Operation Flanders

“The recent 'Lockdown & Current climate' has only strengthened how truly amazing I think Seaham and its residents are. Your drive and passion for your community, is a privilege to be part of.” – Sharon Davis, Seaham Youth and Community Centre

“During these challenging times Dawdon Youth and Community Centre has continued their work offering supportive services in the community. This has been made possible with the selfless dedication of staff and volunteers along with massive support from local businesses, groups, residents our local Council and Councillors. Continuing to work together, supporting each other, we can get through these unprecedented times and build a stronger community.” – Marion McKenna, Dawdon Youth and Community Centre

Supporting your local foodbanks

The local foodbanks are seeking assistance in the form of donations as well as Seaham Youth Centre seeking volunteer drivers to help meet the demand currently placed upon their services. A DBS check is required however the centre will help put the checks through if volunteers do not already have one in place.

The foodbanks are also reaching out to local venues or businesses which would be willing to act as a drop off point for community donations to provide those wishing to donate to a more accessible location.

If you feel you are able to assist the local foodbanks in any way, please contact them directly. If you require assistance as a result of the current situation, please contact the Town Council office either by phone 0191 581 8034 or email

Agency Contacts

Dawdon Youth and Community Centre – Offers a foodbank service, ‘Wrap around’ service including food parcel and Hot Meal deliveries, emergency ‘out of hour’s meals’, debt support and advice. 0191 513 1777

Seaham Youth and Community Centre – Offers a foodbank service including food parcel and Hot Meal deliveries, baby essentials pack, themed activity packs, befriending service, lending library, debt/benefit, employability and ADHD Family

support. 07341 665 044 or Inbox Facebook page, Seaham Youth and Community Centre

The Youth Centre also offer a range of Support Groups including: (Art club/ Cookery

club/ Everything Needles club: Knitting Crochet Cross Stitch/Lunch Club/ Snooker Club/Gentle Exercise/ ICT for Beginners) – Inbox them on Facebook to express your

interest in their relevant support group.

St. Hild and St. Helen Christian Fellowship Foodbank – The Church is open Tuesday 10am-12pm to give emergency food to local people in crisis for people with vouchers from care professionals. 07858 392 843

Operation Flanders – Local business offers a food parcel service to the elderly, needy and vulnerable residents on weekends. or

0191 581 5432

Age UK – Help with shopping collection and delivery, prescription collection and

delivery, Befriending calls. 0191 386 3856 or 0191 374 0931

The Silver Line Helpline and Telephone Friendship Service – For users aged 60+ a 24/7 helpline for information and advice. They also offer a befriending service in partnership with Age UK. 0800 4 70 80 90

Independent Age – Advice and information service for the elderly. They also operate a befriending service. 0800 319 6789

NHS 111 – For help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do. 111

Citizens Advice – Provides knowledge and independent advice on a range of subjects

Adviceline: 0300 330 9027

Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

COVID19 temporary contact number 07736 923502

Durham Community Action – Offer impartial advice and support to help organisations and community groups think through ideas, develop them into projects, consult, plan and take action. 01388 742040

Advice in County Durham – A partnership of local advice providers, committed to working together to improve the provision of advice across County Durham. 0191 372 6753