Seaham Town Council Environmental Initiatives


At the recent meeting of the Town Council, it was discussed on way to promote the wellbeing of hedgehogs within Seaham. As part of this we are sharing the availability of activity packs which may be of interest to the local residents and children.


As you may be aware Hedgehog Awareness Week is running from 1st-7th May this year. With further information available on The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (TBGPS) website   


TBGPS are promoting the site Hedgehog Street which contains activity packs and information on how to sign up to become a Hedgehog Champion for free which provides access to additional free content resources on their website. The below link to their page provides the activity packs which may be of interest.  


One of the main and easy ways residents can help is by encouraging people to make signs to put outside their homes during Spring and especially during Hedgehog Week, asking road users to take caution as this is the time of year hedgehogs are hit by vehicles. Just a simple caution sign with a picture of a hedgehog placed near the home can help raise awareness.


A conference on 'An Introduction to the European Hedgehog' is being held online on 27th June. Further information and tickets are available from the following link.