Ongoing Projects

Swim Together in Seaham Campaign

In December, 2006 the Town Council started a campaign to try to get swimming pool facilities built in Seaham. Councillor Eddy Bell, the Chairman of the Council's Parks and Recreation Committee at that time, said "regular feedback from community groups and residents tells us that the town deserves such an amenity. Seaham has a big and growing population and with the adjoining catchment area can sustain such an amenity. Seaham is the obvious place to build a swimming pool. The town is the key driver for visitors and tourists within East Durham and the East part of County Durham. A swimming pool will complement the extensive investment and vast range of regeneration measures already completed and still under way. This extra amenity will also benefit many residents who have health problems and will also provide a much needed recreational and leisure facility for families and young people".

The Leader of the Council at that time, Councillor Eddie Mason said "that for almost two decades Seaham Town Council has regarded the provision of a swimming pool as the most important leisure facility wanted by the public. But the public need to recognise that Seaham Town Council cannot provide or pay for the running of such a facility by themselves. Past attempts to harness support have failed because the idea has been ridiculed as being too expensive and seen as a pipe dream. We recognise therefore that there will be difficulties and barriers to overcome but if swimming facilities are wanted by the majority, then we should at least try our hardest to see if that dream can be fulfilled". Councillor Bell went on to say "the Town Council are planning a series of meetings with Local Authority and other key bodies to enlist support for this idea. We will be seeking to explore the viability of establishing a community swimming partnership involving individuals and agencies. That partnership will need to look at important issues such as funding, a feasibility study,a business plan and most importantly will need to gather evidence to substantiate the demand and need for a pool. This may involve a town wide campaign and a petition to establish the level of support for swimming facilities". Councillor Mason concluded by saying "we don't underestimate the difficulties which might be encountered. The Town Council see themselves as a catalyst for championing this community case for a much needed amenity in Seaham.

Seaham Town Council contributed an amount of money towards a feasibility study which was undertaken. The result of the initial survey has been received and the pool had been expected to be built as part of the replacement for the Seaham School of Technology, however cancellation of the Building Schools for the Future project has halted the project. SeahamTown Council and the local MP continued to lobby Parliament for a reinstatement of the project and we are now advised that the Government have announced that the Building Schools for the Future project has been replaced by the Priority School Building Programme. The funding application for a new school for Seaham has been submitted and has proved successful. In this respect once the project has been through the Government's procurement programme it will proceeed, however the earliest the school would be completed would be the spring of 2015. At this time it is unknown whether the provision of a swimming pool within the school will be intended for community use.